Mallard Computer, Inc., consists of a solid team of dedicated, devout Christian leaders, ready to do the work and will of the Lord in order to fulfill the Great Commission and to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world by developing and delivering Tomorrow’s Technology for Today’s Ministry.™ Learn more below about the leadership and board of directors that form the Mallard family.

Leadership Team and Board of Directors

Nathan Parker
President/CEO, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Nathan Parker became Mallard’s President/CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors after he founded the corporation along with attorney Janie Evins in April 2008. He is a native of Hot Springs, Arkansas, and he returned to Hot Springs after spending a few years in the North Georgia Mountains. He was seventeen at the time of founding Mallard Computer, Inc. He is the son of Bruce and Faye Parker. He was homeschooled through the A Beka Academy DVD program. He has completed a Bachelor of Arts in Religion/Ministry at Luther Rice University and will shortly complete Master of Divinity in Biblical Languages at Luther Rice College and Seminary. Upon graduation, he will go onto complete a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology. He was previously a ten-year national member of the NFSM with his piano teacher, the late Barbara Dodson.

Parker, a devout Christian, is excited about his executive leadership position at Mallard Computer, Inc., and he wishes to use his leadership to glorify God and take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. He states that he has founded his corporation on a biblical principle from Charles Stanley, “Obey God and leave all the consequences to Him.”

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Janie Evins
General Counsel/CLO, Vice President, Legal and Government Matters, Member of the Board of Directors

Janie Evins serves as the attorney overseeing all of the corporate and government matters that take place at Mallard. A devout Christian, she is also Mallard’s General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer, as well as the Vice President of legal and government matters. She handled all of the registration and filing that founded Mallard Computer, Inc., as well as presently oversees all the filing and protection of Mallard’s intellectual property. She presides over all business meetings as the corporate attorney for the board of directors. She can be reached at the contact information below.

Janie Evins
Attorney at Law
432 Ouachita Avenue, Suite B
Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901
Phone: 501-624-5473
Fax: 501-624-5474

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Johnathan Williamson
Vice President of Operations/COO, General Manager of WeatherMallard, Product Manager of WeatherQuack, Member of the Board of Directors

Johnathan is Mallard’s Vice President of operations and Chief Operating Officer. He was previously an external corporate operations consultant to Mallard and was brought in to become the Chief Operating Officer to serve with Mallard in the launching of WeatherMallard, the weather services division that owns the WeatherQuack brand. He oversees day-to-day corporate operations at Mallard, as well as assists in innovation development with the rest of the Mallard leadership team. He has a background in meteorology and the medical field. He offers an “open door” policy with the team at Mallard, listening intently to the needs of the rest of the Mallard team. Feel free to contact Johnathan using the link below.

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Victor Roque Noceda
Vice President of Worldwide Marketing/CMO, Product Manager of Mallard 5G Wi-Net®, Member of the Board of Directors

Victor is a passionate salesperson that drives Mallard through a unique combination of information technology skills and community service, serving as Mallard’s Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer. His pursuit of Business Management at Florida Gulf Coast University (BS) provides him the foundation bring his entrepreneur experience to Mallard. Fluent in Spanish, he is able to bring a wide audience of corporations to embrace Mallard’s state-of-the-art technology, serving also as the Product Manager for Mallard 5G Wi-Net®. Volunteer work and local sports round out his contribution to the industry and to the local community.

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